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Receive expert coaching from a Certified Personal Trainer via video chat to achieve your health and wellness goals no matter how big or small.

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Personal Training

Why Personal Training?

• Rev up a stale exercise routine with fresh approaches to your workout

• Break out of your fitness plateau - challenge yourself

• Reduce the risk of injury by learning proper techniques

• Stay motivated and committed to your exercise program
Personal Training Benefits


• Our trainers help to establish realistic and attainable goals

• They will develop an exercise program specific to your individual needs, health status and limitations

• Integrate variety into your exercise program to avoid training plateaus

• Provide positive encouragement, motivation, and accountability
Personal Training

Our Expertise

• The Y strives to make available to you the most experienced and professional personal fitness trainers

• Every YMCA Personal Trainer has acquired and maintained certification through national health and fitness organizations

• Assure proper exercise technique, program design and progression to avoid common mistakes and exercise-related injuries

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